Our History- Ribeiros do Valle

The antecestors of Ribeiro do Valle family, came from the North region of Portugal or Açores archipelago, and came to Rio de Janeiro in the end of XVII century. As the years passed; around the XVIII century they slowly moved to Brazil inner lands and finally reached Minas Gerais State, where Ribeiro do Valle brothers Francisco and Vicente fixed themselves. That is how they reached the Gerais lands, where the main economical activity has been coffee production ever since. As the time went by, generation after generation, we finally reached our starting point. Where pharmacologist Mrs. Rosa Maria Ribeiro do Valle Nicolau, her husband Mr. Mauro Nicolau and their son Vitor Ribeiro do Valle Nicolau are the responsibles for administrating and running 96.8 hectares inherited from Mr. Joaquim Pedro Ribeiro do Valle.

A new generation for coffee culture has begun and nowadays the farm production practices are based on sustainability, always considering the social, environmental and economical aspects. Aiming at the production of the best beans to meet the most rigorous consumers.

With these objectives in mind, we at Tulha Farm, started in 2013 a permanent campaign to reduce at the lowest possible levels its pesticides use, assuming a more agro ecological view of farming methods.

Out of 54 hectares, 4 hectares are dedicated to organic coffee production, with our objective being to apply this same organic method to the whole farm production.

We also run our “Organicity Project” which consists of reusing solid residues (food waste) and processing it through composting which will then become a very rich source of organic material to be used in the farming process.

We keep native Forest preservation areas as well as new areas where we are planting new native trees.