Social Practices

It represents cultural manifestations from the organization, which is understood as explaining vectors of these practices. Innovation is thought of as dynamic non-linear phenomenon, that is fundamental for new behaving, products and organizational. Its theory is based on authors such as: Bourdieu, DaMatta, D’Iribarne, Dupuis, Faoro, Geertz, Giddens, Guerreiro Ramos, Holanda, Motta and Weber. D’iribarne model with its analysis grades – sense of duty, hierarchical relations, control perception, definition of responsibilities, sanctions, cooperation quality and regulation – were used in its conceptual articulation.

Transferring this analysis to Brazil example, it was possible to conclude that Brazilian organizational practices are rooted manifestation of its cultural characteristics. These practices may be traditional or innovative and it varies as the region changes, which define the different national subcultures.


The party that was held at the farm brings the thematic of the men and women who are land workers remembering traditions from the past with the theme that was sung being Saint Gonçalo chaplet with catira (which is played with hands clapping and feet stomping).

We brought the Guaranesian group who played Flicts to both parents and kids bringing enjoyable and fun moments for all participants, besides remembering childhood and the importance of everyone being connected. We at Tulha Farm value family union and interaction.

There was also another time when the Young actress Dani Mirini was invited to our place to tell Amazon tales in a nice Sunday afternoon, promoting Amazon regional knowledge to all.

The Gratitude Fair that was held at Mogiana Park in Guaxupe City where we had the opportunity to lecture about Organicity project and making people aware of the project benefits to the environment.