Sustainability Project

Sustainability is more complex than it seems. As it includes different factors and a lot of action for the constant search of ecosystem preservation and each participating person contributes for its improvement.

WIth all that in mind, Tulha Farm has been developing and thinking of less agressive means to care for the environment. Which are reduced usage of agro toxics, increasing the farm biodiversity by planting corn, avocado, beans, pupunha and others. The familiar and women work, making our own organic fertilizer, smart electricity and water usage, helping children education, planting organic vegetable garden for the farm community, and others.


We could mention the increased organic matter to the soil. This process takes about 2 monthes to be completed because we have to first collect the waste, prepare and place it at the composting lines where it will be fermentated and its agents will act until it finally reached the soil where it will be used as fertilizer and natural defensive.


Besides increasing the biodiversity (which is the very start for a more sustainable agriculture) through organic producing system. Because it is the variety and the variability that exist among all living organisms and the ecological complexities they occur. So we are working for having an even greater biodiversity by having mixed with the organic coffee trees corn being planted as well as avocado trees and a diversity of native trees seeding, living fence, beans plantation, pumpkin, cassava, and also a fruit farm with a wide range of different plants.


Agriculture has been one of the most important acitivities developed by human beings As the familiar agriculture emerged we could notice the increasing importance of the women work in special as technology and mechanization reduces the need of brute force for farm Jobs, which in turn increases the women participation. Based on this we have been increasing the ratio of women labor work as they are essential for the culture and coffee handling.


Below you can check the different pictures of increasing organic matter to the soil, the biodiversity with the corn and the women participating in our farm.